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Principal's Message

Principal's Message [1]

We have settled into the start of the 2018-2019 school year very smoothly. Our 8th graders are starting to show some true leadership and are modeling our R’s and P’s for our new 6th graders. We will continue to model our R’s and P’s……Respect, Responsibility, Preparation, Positivity. The blueprint is laid out for our students to be successful and if they follow with their R’s and P’s the school year will be a success. Each quarter our GENERALS program will be honoring students that are showing leadership and modeling our R’s and P’s.

We have also implimented a new program, The R-Factor. The R-Factor is a simple, proven, systematic behavior toolbox for Discipline-driven Responses in any situation .  Throught the year we will be implementing various aspects of this program to help our students.  Various aspects of this program include E+R=O, Press Pause, Own Your 20.  

We have completed our Open House and are now in full swing.  We have completed the first round of  STAR Screener test in reading and math, our RTI is underway and we are working tirelessly to ensure that all of our students have the chance to be successful. 

Our athletic teams are off to a strong start with several wins. I would like to wish all of our athletes Good Luck this fall.

Please take note of the communication section in our newsletter to help you stay connected to everything going on here at General Sherman. The best resource to stay up to date is our listserv emails.

Here’s hoping for an Excellent school year for everybody,

Charles Page, Principal

General Sherman Junior High